All I want for Christmas is … toilet paper

Food Lion in Kill Devil Hills had not a single square of toilet paper or paper towels on Friday, Nov. 20. [Kari Pugh photo]

It’s happening again. Store shelves across the country are bare of toilet paper and paper towels. Spiking COVID-19 cases and tightening pandemic restrictions seem to have us spooked. 

According to market research company IRI, 21 percent of store shelves across the country were empty this week of paper towels and toilet paper.

But Geoff Freeman, president and CEO of the Consumer Brands Association, told the Associated Press he doesn’t expect things to be as bad this go-around. Lockdowns and restrictions are being handled on a regional basis while manufacturers and retailers are better prepared.

Dr. Seckin Ozkul, the Director of Supply Chain Innovation Lab at the University of South Florida told ABC News we’ve learned a lot since the start of this pandemic and so have production facilities.

“The supply chain is healthy, trust the system as you normally do and everything will be OK,” Ozkul said.

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